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Our Jewellery and Care

Me SurfSnow Jewellery - Guarantee & Care

Me SurfSnow's Jewellery pieces are crafted from the finest materials available, all of our Sterling Silver Snowflake Jewellery, and our White Gold Snowflake Jewelry along with a large number of Surf Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings have an external Rhodium Plating (see below).

Our Yellow Gold Jewellery does not have any plating at all unless it is stipulated.

Our Guarantee:    We guarantee our Jewellery for Life!

We will repair OR replace at our discretion any article of Jewellery that we feel is faulty and has not met our quality standards.  Lost, Broken, Damaged or Mistreated Jewellery does not entitle you to a free repair or replacement.  Contact us to discuss further. To avoid damaging or mistreating our jewellery please read our jewellery care advice below. Guarantees are void if the customer has not taken care as advised in our Jewellery care.

Rhodium Plating:

Rhodium is a member of the Platinum family.  However the actual metal Rhodium is far too hard and brittle to actually manufacture Jewellery products from. Therefore a thin coating of Rhodium to the outside of Jewellery is very common amongst higher quality Sterling Silver and White Golds.

The electro-deposition of Rhodium assists in the oxidation resistance, gives a shiny white surface like Platinum and retains its brightness for an extended time. However all jewellery that is Rhodium plated will require a re-coating at least once a year is advisable. 

Taking extra care with jewellery that is worn continuously is the best solution to avoid wearing the rhodium and enamel off too quickly.

Jewellery Care - Treat it with care!

When we manufacture our jewellery we take the utmost care to produce it and supply it to you perfectly. We want you to enjoy it's quality forever so in order to avoid any future problems or mistreatment,  please follow our advice below to maintain your precious jewels.

Here is our advice on how to keep your Me SurfSnow Jewellery clean, bright, and undamaged:

Try to avoid hand lotions and oil related substances if you can. The oily residue will adhere to the back and side of your stones and settings.

Over time your Jewellery does not look as bright & shiny as it used to be, this also happens to diamonds as well. This is mainly due to a slight layer of oil and dirt that has covered/adhered to your gemstones and around the settings.  This layer can block light from entering your gemstones and blocking the refraction of light "Brilliance".

No doubt many of you will agree that a gemstones beauty is not only from it's colour but it's brilliance!,Light entering and refracting from the cut facets of your gemstone make the gems sparkle and dance as is they have a life of their own.

We advise removing your Jewellery before applying hand lotion, sunscreens, hairspray and oil related products (cooking etc). Also please apply perfumes prior to wearing your Jewellery. Do not spray Perfumes directly onto your Jewellery - Especially Pearls!

We know the above is hard to practice and avoid at times. Therefore when you have noticed that your Jewellery appears dull. It is time to restore the shine and brilliance by cleaning and washing them.

If your Surf or Snow Jewel requires cleaning, contact us and we can arrange to have your piece returned for cleaning.

Methods of Home Jewellery Cleaning:

1)   Warm soapy water and a soft paintbrush (artist style NOT a toothbrush 'they are too rough') can be used to clean most types of jewellery. Simply mix dishwashing liquid with warm/hot water and soak your Jewellery for about 15 minutes. (a dash of cloudy ammonia in this solution is also very effective - Keep away from Children).

After a few minutes remove your jewellery from the bath and then gently brush your jewellery in, around and behind all the stones. Rinse it under warm water and dry with a clean tissue (not one with aloe-vera or eucalyptus oils).

2) Should your Rhodium plating become a little dull, we recommend a very light rub with a soft 100% cotton cloth or a specialized Silver/Gold cloth can also be used, however use only very light rubbing.

3) Alternatively purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaning machine and following the instructions will be even more effective. Avoid having a Jeweller heavily polish your piece if it is Rhodium plated, to prevent the Rhodium being removed (a good Jeweller will no this anyway).  If you would like us to supply you with an unltrasonic cleaner from a reliable and reputable Australia Supplier please contact us..

Please always feel free to contact us if you need assistance with cleaning and caring for your treasured pieces.

Enamel Accents

Although the black enamel accent is hard wearing it may eventually wear away, if your jewellery is worn continuously, cleaned in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, or exposed to harsh chemicals. As we are manufacturing jewellers we are here for all your jewellery care needs, so contact us to have your jewellery refreshed with this enamel accent.  You will need to post it to us with a return self addressed envelope inside. Please use a tracked postage. We are not responsible for the jewellery going missing.

Purchasing Overseas Customers

If you are overseas and purchase a product with black enamel or rhodium plating, we advise the same conditions apply regarding postage. Please consider the cost of postage against going to your local jeweller to have the same services done. 

Warm Regards Mark & Emma

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