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Tahiti and it's Pearls

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As a young girl I was always lured by the romance of a tropical south pacific island. To me, Tahiti was the personification of that Tropical Paradise. With the blue waters and warm breezes all soaked up with a cocktail under the shade of a swaying palm tree. A book about Paul Gauguin, a French artist who live in Tahiti, was my first introduction to this paradise, with his colourful paintings of the island & the Tahitian women. It all looked so far away and exotic, heavenly to me, and I spent years dreaming about going there one day.

Decades later, the Tahitian gods brought us together, Mark and I planned to marry & we both agreed Tahiti was it, for the ultimate honeymoon.The added attraction for us now with a jewellery business, was the Black Tahitian Pearl. It can’t get more cliché I know, but when you go diving for Tahitian pearls, you want to find a black one...right?

Well, we had an amazing opportunity to dive in Bora Bora, an island in French Polynesia, where we managed to choose the right shell and inside was a pearl. A beautiful black one.... the amazing thing is, I dreamt about it, and pictured it for a long time over many years, and then it actually happens, in the most wonderful way. You see, Tahitian pearls come in a vast range of colours from shades of browns and pinks, to light and deep greens and blues to darkest black. In various sizes, lustre and quality. A natural pearl can be formed from the smallest grain of sand up to as large as 16mm. The quality and lustre various also from perfect round pearl, boroque, keshi pearl.

It’s truly amazing because...I just expected it to be black!, because that's what I had decided was a Tahitian Pearl in my mind for so long, but to actually dive for it , and choose a shell with a 10mm black pearl in it ! & one so big and beautiful, was very rare apparently?....Lucky?....well I think meant to be for me.  The Tahitian Gods must have felt my unswaying energy for a black one.

We were so elated, yet humbled to hear we were lucky! from the Bora Bora Diving Pearl company, and naturally now Mark is set to make something special with it, to symbolize the whole experience and the Islands enchanting personality.

The Pearls were just beautiful at The Farm & Bora Bora Pearl Company, so if you get this amazing opportunity to dive for one, Do it!, but if you're not as lucky as me, you can choose your own from the boutique to the value of the dive cost. It’s worth it to just paddle out to the pearl farm with 'Octave' in his old outrigger, then dive into the deep blue water that seems to go on forever.

You can’t go past how pristine and perfect and clever mother nature is. She made this spectacular paradise, far away, with beautiful treasures everywhere. Only a small  slice of our worlds population will see it, I am grateful to have been one of them. It's all a dream again... but I can really feel it now.

Most importantly if you are thinking of going to Tahiti, GO!!!  you wont be disappointed..

We will be featuring the pearls from Tahiti on our website, but why not make it more special and ask for a custom design if you too have been dreaming of a Tahitian Pearl.

With Tahitian love from Emma

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