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Diamond Information

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If you're thinking of investing in a Diamond for a special reason, and confused on where to start looking, having all the right information will make it so much easier. Budget could determine a lot. What carat (size), cut, clarity, and colour are a few questions to start with. Then of course is it for a ring, pendant, earrings or investment. To help we have included a diamond information page on our site, due to so many recent inquiries about engagement rings and custom jewellery... which is lovely and a pleasurable part of our profession as Jewellers and Designers. So awesome to be part of the your special moments. Our diamond information page will get you thinking a little more seriously.

Try to keep in mind when choosing a diamond, for a ring for example, to think about the person it's for and what their personality is like, and the way they live. If it's for a female, she might be, shy and private, or outgoing and showy, fine featured or have strong hands. Prefer a wider ring band or narrow and fine. Yellow, white, or rose golds. She may like lots of small stones, instead of one large one. It's important to get to know their preferences as it is an investment that will stay forever..Drop by a jewellers or leave a brochure lying around the house, see what lights her/him up. Take note of what they wear now, if they are sports people or their work involves using their hands, the design will really matter, if you don't want it to catch on anything, and have a stone go missing.

Keep in mind that we are here to help, even if just to chat about your options.  Our experience will help streamline the process. It's always exciting for us to meet you and learn about your world. We'll sketch up some ideas, and keep designing until you're happy with your budget always, then supply you with a quote. If you want something unique in design or a copy of something you already love, but the price is too high, we can help you achieve it. Mark can make just about any ring design.. plus we can obtain excellent quality certified Diamonds from an Australian supplier, and save you thousands. 

Call today and talk to us, Emma or Mark, regarding design or diamonds or just a custom jewel for someone special. Yes! we will personally chat to you about everything you'd like to know..... 


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